From Top to Bottom: How Basement Staging Can Boost Your Home Value

Staged Basement, Washington, D.C.

One of the questions we get most often from homeowners is “Is it really worth the extra effort to stage my basement? Can’t I just stage the main living areas of my home and achieve the same impact? ” While the basement may seem like a low priority in preparing your home for market, properly… Read more »

Check Out what Red House Staging was up to During July, 2017!

Red House Staging & Interiors July 2017 Stats During July, 2017 Red House Staging & Interiors staged 29 projects in total. Of those projects, 2 were stagings in Virginia, 25 were stagings in DC, and 2 were stagings in Maryland. 27 of our stagings were Red House Signature jobs and 2 of them were Red… Read more »

We Love These Lamps! Part 2 of Decorating Inventory we are Loving Right Now!

This bedroom is part of a model unit we did at Gables Residential Dupont Circle, and while we are in love with everything about this room, we really loved these little lamps—they completed the accessorizing of the space and were the sparkly “jewelry” for the room.  We have to restrain ourselves from buying a huge… Read more »

We Love These Rugs! (Part 1 of Decorating Inventory We Are Loving Right Now)

There are accessories and furnishings in our inventory right now that we cannot get enough of – in fact, Lyric, our lead buyer, struggles to keep up with the demand to keep our shelves stocked with our Project Managers’ favorite go-to items. We use these for our staging installations and also for our interior decorating/redesign… Read more »

Decorating Sins

We wanted to share with you this month the Decorating Sins that one of our favorite boutiques near our Denver office, Lulu’s Furniture & Décor ( ,  shared with us recently in their newsletter!  We thought it was great to see that some of our topics from previous months are covered in these “sins”! We… Read more »

The Remedy for Three Commonly Made Mistakes that Impact a Living Room’s Presentation: Part 1 – Conversation Spaces

Part 1: Conversation Spaces One Commonly Made Mistake that Impacts a Living Room’s Presentation: Whether you are looking to stage or to implement some type of decorating change in your living room, first take a critical eye to your room to see if you have possibly made the following mistake — correcting this alone can… Read more »

Holiday Hosting 101

Holiday hosting does not have to be stressful. Here are some tips to easily transform your space for the holidays.