Yes, You Can Incorporate Black into Your Every Day Décor

We have noticed that many homeowners hesitate to use black décor and accents in their home. However, Red House Staging & Interiors believes that utilizing black accents is the perfect approach for making a bold artistic statement.

Here are several suggestions on how you can incorporate black into your everyday décor to create a space that will turn heads.

Consider Artwork

The right piece of artwork can help set the overall mood for a room and we believe it’s a “must” when it comes to interior design to create a mature space. Adding artwork with black either in the art image itself or via the frame is a great way to incorporate this color into your space.  Consider adding high contrast geometrical art with bold black lines, or black and white abstract paintings, or keep it simple by just starting with framed black and white photography. Featuring colorful artwork in a solid black frame against white walls is really easy way to start to tie in the classic color.

Add in Bold Black Accents

If you’ve been eager to add black décor into your home, accents are a simple and immediate way to do so. If your current space is filled with a lot of light colored neutrals, adding in black accents — either in decorative accessories or via small furniture accents like a side table, pouf, or chair will create the perfect pop of “color.” Toss black accent pillows on a white sofa for bold contrast. Bold black dining chairs pulled up to a white or natural ash dining table look stunning. A pair of black nightstands flanking a bed with a contrasting headboard can be a perfect way to get that pop into your master bedroom.

Go Big and Stay Home

If you’ve been anxiously waiting for black to come back, seek out your favorite shade of matte black and a paint brush because the time is now. A black accent wall will serve as a focal point that will highlighting the rest of your décor and, without a doubt, be a conversation starter.

If you are considering a remodel of a kitchen or bathroom, considering using matte black fixtures or hardware. We are seeing this done in many of the new build properties we stage, with great success. The contrast of matte black against bright white tile or sinks looks so fresh — we love how it can make an otherwise drab space shine.

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