Home Staging Services

Red House Staging offers three distinct staging services to aid you in selling your home fast & for top dollar. Our Red House Essentials Package, our Red House Curated Package, and our Red House Stage 2 Go cover a wide scope of budgets and needs, allowing you to show your home in top condition. Check out the packages below to see which one is right for you!

staged family room

Red House Standards

At Red House Staging & Interiors, no matter what level of service you require there are standard components that are a part of every staging job. By ensuring you’re provided the right staging design for your buyer audience and impeccable customer service, we are able to stand behind our product knowing you are getting the quality, time, and careful planning it takes to showcase your home or listing! Here are the three components of every Red House Staging job:

Depending on the service, Red House will complete a complimentary property site visit or virtually go over your project with you to assess possible staging scopes and determine project needs.

To keep things moving along, we promise 1 day installations/ drop off’s and 1 day de-stages/ pick up’s!

Every staging includes our top-rated Red House Team to help you along the way! No matter what package you choose, our fantastic Admin & Logistics Teams are here to help you determine the right package for you and provide you with the highest level of service.
Living room interior design in Metro DC

The Essentials Package

Our Essentials package is a budget friendly option which carries a themed color story throughout and draws from our rotating inventory providing a simple but effective look to attract potential buyers.

The Curated Package

Our Curated service uses our high-end rotating inventory to design a stunning staging, giving the property a one-of-a-kind look.

Stage 2 Go

This DIY staging service provides homeowners with all the furniture, art, & decor they need to stage their own property, giving them a classic Red House look at a lower price-point!

Interior Design

Our partners at Hudson & Crane specialize in high end design all while working with you. Bring the “WOW” effect to your space.

Office Space Staging and Design

Are you looking to stage a commercial space for sale, rent or lease? Then this is the service for you.

Party and Event Styling

We offer full service design, delivery and installation for party and special events staging.

Semi Occupied Staging

Have your own pieces to incorporate into your staging? Let us work with what you already have.

Staging Consultation

Get the help of our expert designers’ eye when needed.