Top Tips for Selling Your Home in the Summer

A family walking into a home for sale in the summer with beautiful landscaping

Each real estate season is unique and requires different tactics to ensure a sale. Summer is a season for buying and selling a home, and real estate is usually blooming during this time of year. Parents with children want to get settled in a new home before the school year begins, and many people have more time on their hands to search and decide on the perfect place to live.

Here are a few tips for selling your home this summer season!

Focus on Curb Appeal

A great benefit of selling during summer is the opportunity to show off the outdoor living space. Now is the time to clean off that patio furniture and arrange a comfortable setting your buyers could see themselves using. You may even have some indoor decorations or furniture that would look perfect on the patio or deck. If your property has a pool or grilling patio, highlight them during tours.

Spend some time walking around the property, thinking about how to create the best curb appeal. Mow the lawn at least once per week, trim those bushes, and plant some flowers, anything to make the home and yard look more inviting.

Get Your HVAC System Serviced

Most people expect a home to be air-conditioned in the summer. This is true whether you have window units, central forced air, or mini-split heat pumps that double as air conditioners.

So, come hotter weather and home showings, you want to ensure that your HVAC system can keep your home cool. If it’s been a while since they’ve been serviced, get a technician in for any tune-ups. That way, you can feel confident that the temperature inside your home is comfortable during showings and open houses.

Decorate Your Home for Summer

There are many ways you could decorate to give your home a warmer vibe for summer. Natural light is key, so keep any curtains and blinds open for sunlight to flow through the home. Accenting your décor with plants, flowers, and bowls of fresh fruit can also help provide a more organic summer feel.

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