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Announcing New Exciting Packages at Red House Staging & Interiors

Red House Staging & Interiors new ‘Nantucket’ design package

Selling a home or apartment building can come with its fair share of stressful moments. You want the process to move as quickly and efficiently as possible. The best way to remove added weight and stress off your shoulders is to have your home professionally staged. At Red House Staging & Interiors, we recognize that… Read more »

Never Skip These Rooms When Staging Your Home

Home Staging Services in Washington D.C.

Selling your home isn’t just about selling your space, it’s about selling the potential lifestyle that space holds for your buyers. That’s why it’s much harder to sell a property that’s empty of furniture, décor, or any of the elements that transform a house into a home. It’s also why home staging is such a… Read more »

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: 5 Tips for Using Mirrors in Interior Design

Mirrors are one of the most fun and useful tools an interior designer has in their arsenal. You can use them to control so many elements of a room that it almost seems like every one must be a magic mirror! Ranging from simple, pragmatic designs that serve their reflective function to ornate and elegant… Read more »

A Brief History of Home Staging

A Brief History of Home Staging

Home staging is a widely used and respected strategy in the real estate industry. It’s recognized as a remarkably effective technique in selling a home in less time at a higher price. The concept may seem inherently logical now that it’s so commonly used on the market, but it wasn’t always that way! Before the… Read more »

How to Make a House Feel Like a Home

How to Make a House Feel Like a Home

Have you ever walked into someone’s house and been reminded of a scientist’s lab: blank walls, empty, sterile surfaces, and a cold shiver that reverberates throughout the room? Or have you walked into a home so filled with clutter or lack of design direction that it just feels like a garage sale? Neither atmosphere is likely… Read more »