Tips and Tricks for Making a Room Look Bigger

Tips and Tricks for Making a Room Look Bigger

There are many reasons to want to make a small room look larger. Perhaps you want to make the most of your studio apartment, or you’re trying to sell your home and make the guest bedroom appear more spacious to entice larger families. A large room conveys openness, warmth, and a sense of welcoming. With a couple of strategic tweaks, you can make a small room do the same while maintaining a cozy feel.

Here are a few tips to make your room appear larger than life!

Strategically Plan Out Color

Color is a powerful tool in interior design. Stay away from medium shades and tones that wash out a room. Sticking to either very light or dark colors will produce contrast and add depth, which creates the illusion of space—and this job is all about illusion. Try a softer color if the room has more natural light. For those spaces lacking sunlight, use darker hues to enhance depth perception.

Painting Tips

After you decide on your perfect room color, you need to have a plan of action for painting the room. Here are a few techniques you can utilize to help trick the eye.

  • Stick with one color. When different colors are used, the eye automatically stops at the line where one color ends and another begins, creating boundaries in the room. When you use only one color, the space appears continuous.
  • Incorporate stripes. Horizontal stripes will make a wall appear longer, and vertical stripes will make it seem taller.
  • Don’t be afraid of white. When considering colors that make a room look bigger, white, in its many shades, is always an optimum choice. Its reflective qualities help open space and make it appear light and airy.

Focus on Proportions

If you have a small space to work with, you’ll want to scale everything down. Use sleek, smaller-scale furniture to keep the room from feeling crowded. This will help you optimize your floor space and traffic flow as well.

Are you the kind of person who lives by a “go big or go home” mantra? Then if, for example, you have a large sofa in a small living room, make that the focal point and limit the use of a lot of additional furniture pieces so as not to clutter the space. Since multiple pieces of large-scale furniture can often overwhelm a small room, you can try a statement piece of wall art as your one large piece instead. It will stand out and make the room feel bigger!

Keep it light and airy by allowing breathing room between the furniture and the walls. Avoid pushing all your furniture right up against the wall and give your pieces space (like end tables, for example) from the wall.

Find Creative Storage Options and Décor

Find creative ways to incorporate storage to make the most of your space. Use multi-functional furniture to kill two birds with one stone; fill the space without overcrowding it and cluttering it with eclectic stockpiles—try an ottoman with storage inside or drawers for under the bed.

Keep accents simplistic and minimal; choose a few pieces of medium to large scale art rather than copious smaller decorations. This will make the room feel full and rounded without crowding the walls. You could also try long curtains on the windows to make the ceilings appear higher.

Utilize Proper Lighting

When possible, always take advantage of a room’s natural light. If your small room lacks sunlight, then your best bet is to use lamps to spread the light evenly throughout the room and highlight the entirety of your space. Mirrors can also be used to create the illusion of openness because they reflect light and other views of the room, leading the eye to perceive more space.

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