4 Home Staging Tips Inspired by a Minimalistic Lifestyle

Minimalist living room with sofa and floor lamp. Natural light coming in through the windows.

Minimalism is a lifestyle dedicated to reducing unnecessary clutter. A minimalist believes less truly is more and will limit their home decorating to only a few meaningful items. A lot can be learned from a minimalistic way of living, especially within the realm of home staging.

Here are four staging tips inspired by a minimalistic lifestyle that will enhance your space and increase the chance of a quick sale.


Minimalism 101: Less is more, less is more, less is more! A cramped, cluttered space can make an environment feel stressful. Keeping clutter down will ensure the buyer’s attention stays on the home’s beauty without focusing on the current owner’s things. Getting rid of unnecessary items will also make it easier for the homeowner to pack up and move when their house sells.

Let There be Light

Minimalism relies on natural light to create a warm environment that showcases natural beauty. Make sure that your staging efforts don’t cover up beautiful structural features of the home, including windows. Remove curtains and blinds and leave windows uncovered. Bringing more natural light into your home will create an inviting, fresh environment and prevent the space from feeling cramped and stale. It will give potential buyers a clear look at the home’s structure and potential. It’s easy to picture curtains or blinds on a window, but if elaborate treatments cover up windows, it can be difficult for a buyer to see past the coverings.

Keep it Simple

A true minimalistic approach to home staging means keeping things simple and streamlined. Choose only a couple of necessary pieces in each space, like a sofa and a love seat in the living room. Remove unnecessary extras, such as sofa tables, accent chairs, and extra shelving units. Avoid décor pieces with fringes, ruffles, or busy patterns and choose furniture with modern and simple lines.

Be Intentional 

Minimalism is about being intentional about the items you choose to keep. When staging a home, be intentional about every item that remains on display. If you are trying to show off beautiful built-in bookshelves, choose the books or décor you want to display and leave a lot of extra space. Give the buyer room to imagine how they would design their new shelves, so they realize there is plenty of room for potential and individual creativity.

Staging your home with a minimalistic approach is a simple and effective way to sell your space to a potential buyer. Red House Staging & Interiors offers several kinds of staging services for your next home sale. Whether you choose a minimalistic style or want a more extravagant look, we are here to provide you with the best quality staging packages.

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