Why Landlords Should Consider Staging Their Rental Properties

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Owning a rental property can be a lucrative asset. One of the biggest mistakes landlords tend to make though is thinking that a bare-bones online listing and a few showings will get them the quality tenants they’re seeking. Although you may be renting out your property, you have to go into it with the same mindset as if you’re selling. Do you know what that means? That’s right—staging!

You may think that staging your apartment or house for rent isn’t worth the time or money, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Take a look at how staging your rental property will benefit you in the long run.

Make your listing photos stand out.

Most renters these days are conducting the majority of their apartment search online. It doesn’t take long for all of those empty standard apartments to look the same. If your property is staged in your listing photos, it’s going to be a tough one to skip. Photos of a staged apartment will grab the attention of potential renters and make them more likely to follow up about a showing.

Help renters see how your space can be used.

It can be difficult for renters to envision how, or even if, their furniture and belongings will fit in an empty apartment. Staging the space will give them a clearer idea about dimensions and possible layouts. Carefully selected furniture and décor will also make your rental look inviting and highlight its functionality, and therefore its value. The more welcoming and valuable your apartment looks, the more you’ll be able to charge for it.

Attract long-term tenants.

Staging helps renters picture life in your apartment space. All it takes is the right combination of pieces to take your place from just a one or two-year crash pad to a place someone can envision really becoming their home. As a result, you’re more likely to capture the interest of tenants looking to rent long-term, which means reduced turnover and vacancy rates.

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