Tips to Help You Emotionally Detach from the Home You’re Selling

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After spending so much time tailoring your house to make it your ideal home, and living and making memories in it with your family, selling it to someone else is often an emotional process. It’s perfectly natural for you to feel deeply attached to a place that has impacted your life so greatly, but it’s important not to let that connection or the fear of moving on cloud your judgement when you sell.

To make the sale process easier and more successful, here are a few tips to help you keep your emotions in check as you close your chapter with your current house!

Keep your focus on the future.

It’s always tough to say goodbye to a home you love and that has witnessed your life-changing experiences over the past few years, but you have to remember that you decided to sell for a reason and what you stand to gain. Whether it’s a growing family, new job, or a financial decision, you need to hold on to whatever your “why” is and put your focus toward getting there.

Stage your home.

Home staging is not only an effective strategy for making your home appeal to buyers, but also for helping you to depersonalize and distance yourself from it too. Taking away those personal touches, cherished objects, and the style that made it your own will make you feel less connected to your house and make room for buyers to form their own connection. The less of yourself you see in a space, the easier it will be to view it as a product and let it go.

Take the time to say goodbye.

Once you’ve committed to selling, it’s important to let yourself feel sad and reflect on what your house means to you. Take the time to reminisce with your family about the memories you’ve made there. Walk through each room and take a “last look”. Take pictures before you start changing it for the market. All of this will help you process your emotions and get ready to say farewell.

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