The Remedy for Three Commonly Made Mistakes that Impact a Living Room’s Presentation: Part 1 – Conversation Spaces

Part 1: Conversation Spaces

One Commonly Made Mistake that Impacts a Living Room’s Presentation:

Whether you are looking to stage or to implement some type of decorating change in your living room, first take a critical eye to your room to see if you have possibly made the following mistake — correcting this alone can have a huge impact and probably won’t cost a dime to fix! Read on to discover this first mistake of several that we will be discussing in our blog.

Mistake #1:  Take a look at your space and notice if it feels inviting for conversation. If it doesn’t have an inviting feel for a group of a few people to comfortably have a conversation without yelling across the room, you have a great opportunity to start a little overhaul in your space. Try re-arranging your furniture into a conversation grouping by bringing the seating pieces together more intimately.  Try angling furniture and floating pieces if you have room where all the furniture is up against walls. These easy steps are oftentimes a quick fix for a room that feels void of “coziness”.

Bear in mind that rearranging your seating may mean that you don’t make the television the center of the universe in the room – get creative with the television to either re-position its location, put it in/on a different type of media console or cabinet, or perhaps find another area of the house where it can be enjoyed more comfortably so that your living room can present better.  Dealing creatively with the “TV problem” can be especially important when staging your home – the television should never be the main feature that a buyer will see when they walk into your living room.

conversationspaces3If you don’t have a living room space that allows for an intimate conversation area (for example, traffic flow through the room prevents it), at the very least pull chairs/sofas away from the walls or windows enough so that there is some “breathing room” between the pieces and the walls and windows. Also, pull end tables away from walls a bit as well.  Allowing some visual space there will actually serve to make the room more inviting.

Stay tuned for more commonly made mistakes in living rooms and their easy fixes!