The Basics of Staging Your Master Bedroom

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After the living room, the master bedroom is the most important room to stage when selling your home. Buyers should be able to walk into the bedroom and see themselves relaxing, getting comfortable, and sinking into the peaceful sleep they need to reenergize. Your job is to create a neat and inviting space that can offer all those things and more.

Here are the most important tips for staging a master bedroom that sells:

The bed is the heart of the room.

Nothing in the bedroom is more important than the bed—no negotiations. Pay special attention to proper staging of the bed itself, so that buyers feel enticed to sink into it for a night of luxurious sleep. Dress it up to look comfy and cozy, but still elegant. Go with neutral-colored bedding that makes the bed look layered and neat. Have enough pillows to make it look lush, but not so many they overcrowd. Oh, and a visible headboard is a must.

Other furniture should be minimal.

Buyers like bedrooms that are spacious, which makes it especially important that you don’t clutter this space. Aside from the bed, all you really need is a nightstand or table for each side of the bed, and maybe a dresser. If the master bedroom is particularly large, you can add a chair or two for a seating area as well. Keep your pieces cohesive in style, but try to avoid bedroom sets. Furniture that matches perfectly can dull the room.

Top it off with a few homey accessories.

Like with most rooms, the key to making the bedroom truly inviting is those little touches. But as with the furniture, less is more. Place one or two accessories on the bedside tables, such as a lamp with a book or candle. Add a potted plant or vase of flowers somewhere to infuse some fresh life into the space. Give the room a little personality with a couple of pieces for the wall (and a mirror of course). Lastly, add cozy texture with a soft area rug and an extra throw blanket draped at the end of the bed.

At Red House Staging & Interiors, we’ve perfected the art of staging a home that buyers would kill for. Our team can stage not only a dreamy master bedroom that will have you wanting to take a nap yourself, but every room in the house to make your property stand out.

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