5 Helpful Hints for Staging a Historic Home

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Washington D.C. carries with it some of the most interesting and foundational history in our nation. When you consider the people and stories this region has seen over the last few centuries, it’s no surprise that it’s filled with equally as historic architecture and estates.

There are plenty of buyers in the area looking for a home that captures the essence of D.C.’s important role in America’s past. The key to reeling them in for the best offer is to find the right balance between contemporary and historic ambiance in your space.

Use these tips from our experts to start staging your historic home and achieving that harmony!

1) Choose a historic color palette.

You’re going to want to go with with clean, classic colors when freshening up your paint and decorating your historic space for a sale. Many paint manufacturers even have collections specially designed for historical homes. Coordinate a look that makes your house feel bright and emphasizes its naturally elegant features, such as a hardwood trim and ornate crown moldings.

Also, keep in mind that sticking with a neutral palette is your best bet when staging any home (even historic ones) to sell. Although, historically speaking, many colors in these types of houses were heavy and dark, you must keep the space light and open to appeal to the modern buyer.

2) Make your space look bigger.

Older, Victorian-style properties are usually broken up with many smaller rooms, in contrast to the open floor plan that attracts modern buyers. You’re going to have to exaggerate your space to make up for these outdated proportions.

Use color, layout, and décor to make a room feel and look bigger (mirrors can be your best friend here!). Remove excess furniture and clutter to open up as much usable space as possible.

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3) Brighten up your home with simple window treatments.

Heavy draperies and shadowy rooms may have characterized historic homes in their heyday, but they don’t do much to impress contemporary buyers.

Leaving windows uncovered, or sticking with lightweight fabrics and light-colored drapery, will emphasize the natural light your property gets and make your home feel spacious and welcoming. Plus, it’ll help show off that gorgeous window trim!

4) Modernize important areas.

Buyers want archival charm and storied history, but they’re not so interested in antique amenities. Upgrade appliances and fixtures throughout your space, focusing especially on popular areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

You’ll also want to ditch that period parlor couch and stick with modern, usable furniture that potential buyers can envision themselves using. Implement décor that balances contemporary style with vintage allure.

5) Highlight historic details.

Do you know what’s going to draw most of the initial interest in your home? That’s right—it’s history! While you want to try to maintain an appeal that reaches as many buyers as possible, you have to remember that the space you’re working with is unique. Play up those characteristic features to emphasize the one-of-a-kind value of a property like yours.

Keep décor, furnishings, and patterns ultimately simple to make the natural beauty of your house stand out. Show off arched windows and doorways, original hardwoods, moldings and trims, mantels, cabinetry, the roof, and all of the details that differentiate your home from the rest of the market.

At Red House Staging & Interiors, we offer a wide array of staging solutions that work with homes of all styles.

We also specialize in transitional styling, which will work beautifully for any historic D.C. home! Choose from one of our several distinct staging packages to help you find that sweet spot between modern and colonial for your historic space.

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