3 Tips for Selling a House on a Busy Street

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When you’re living in a busy metropolitan area, you’re going to have to contend with the fact that there will be more traffic and crowds wherever you go. Especially in a location as congested as Washington D.C., that means a good chunk of housing options will be located on noisy, busy streets.

If you’re trying to sell a home on one of these streets, you have the added job of convincing buyers to look past the disadvantages of your location and make an offer anyway. Fortunately, we have a few smart strategies to help you do just that!

1) Focus on your outdoor spaces.

Your goal is to make people forget all of the distracting hustle and bustle going on around your house when they step onto your property. Smart landscaping—in the front and back—can help block noise from the street, add privacy, and create a relaxing outdoor escape that contrasts with the busy street.

Consider adding features such as hedges, a fence, a stone wall, and even a calming water feature for some much-needed tranquility. You should also take the time to stage an inviting backyard space.

2) Make the interior as quiet as possible.

Noise will likely be your buyers’ biggest concern about the location of your house. You can help ease their worries by taking measures to soundproof your home interior.

If you can afford it, replace your doors and windows with thicker, noise-reducing glass. Or, seal cracks thoroughly with caulk and outfit with heavier drapery. You can also add a layer of insulation, drywall, or acoustic soundproof panels to the walls.

3) Play up the advantages.

While there are some obvious drawbacks to living on a busy street, there are also some advantages that can make good selling points to the right audience. For example, your location offers convenient access to roadways and probably public transportation, making commutes much easier. You’re also closer to a lot of the amenities (shops, restaurants, entertainment) that attract many people to big cities in the first place.

You might also consider highlighting the potential commercial use of your property to the work-from-home demographic and small business owners. Just don’t forget to check your zoning requirements if you go that route.

When you’re selling your home on a busy street, it’s especially important to make your space look as inviting as possible inside and out. As a home staging company that knows the D.C. market like the back of our hand, Red House Staging & Interiors is in a unique position to help.

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