Staging a Luxury Home

When you approach any type of home staging it’s good practice to stick with the most essential staging principles—thorough cleaning, neutral colors, universally appealing furniture and décor, etc. It’s just as important however, that you customize your tactics to the specific class of property you’re selling.

Attracting buyers looking for a vacation home is different than appealing to a couple trying to decide on their first house! That being said, there are a few more considerations to make when preparing an extravagant home for the market than a modest two-bedroom starter. Keep these tips in mind if you’re staging a luxury home to ensure you’re getting top dollar for your gorgeous property!

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Luxury home staged by Red House.

Consider your buyer.

Visualize what your audience is looking for when they’re surveying luxury homes as you would with any space. Stage your house to convince them that yours is the one with the potential to fulfill their fantasies and indulge their high expectations! Focus on selling the lifestyle that goes with this type of home just as much as the property itself.

Take some extra time to research the luxury home market in your specific location. Does your neighborhood cater more to families? Retirees? Vacation home owners? This will give you a better idea of which features to emphasize as you’re preparing your space.

Show off the amenities.

Somebody looking for a luxury home is likely going to focus considerably on the different niceties each one has to offer, comparing their options to figure out which is most desirable. Put in some extra effort to stage these areas.

If your house has a home theater, indoor pool, gourmet wine cellar, or any other feature that will set it apart from the rest, you’re going to want to put a spotlight on it. This goes for exterior features as well. Anything that makes your property memorable is an advantage you can use to boost the value of your sale and increase the number of offers you get.

Pay attention to the details.

You want your luxury space to be lush, but comfortable. Take the time to stage the details just right to prevent your home from coming off as unattainable. Remember—you’re aiming for a welcoming, livable, but still opulent atmosphere. If you’re living in your home while it’s on the market, make sure that the furniture and décor sell the lifestyle of luxury.

Spring for nicer touches like good quality linens, richly layered spaces, tastefully displayed decor, and gorgeous art for the walls. A few deluxe accents will really bring your space together and make it feel like a place prospective buyers can call home.

Invest in luxury staging.

If your luxury home is vacant, then it is an absolute must to professionally stage your home in order to sell the aforementioned luxury lifestyle. You want buyers to be wowed by the beautiful design of the space they walking into, which is best achieved by using great interior decorating to show them the possibilities your home has to offer!

At a minimum, stage the main spaces of the house so that buyers can envision themselves living there—and so that the photos online are attracting buyers to go view it in the first place. Ensure that you’re hiring a reputable staging company who has high-end inventory to properly stage a high-end home. Cheap staging will cheapen the value the of the property and this is the last thing you want when listing a luxury home.

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