Decorating Sins

We wanted to share with you this month the Decorating Sins that one of our favorite boutiques near our Denver office, Lulu’s Furniture & Décor ( ,  shared with us recently in their newsletter!  We thought it was great to see that some of our topics from previous months are covered in these “sins”!

We feel that it speaks for itself and hope you enjoy!

And… if you have trouble with these Sins, contact us for an appointment with one of our talented design staff—we would love to help you! You can call to book an appointment for either our Denver or DC services at 202-257-2072 or email — and check out Lulu’s store at 2053 W. 30th Ave in Denver!

Decorating SINS… Thou shall not:

  • Paint every room a bold different color that doesn’t flow.
  • Hang artwork on EVERY wall & TOO high.
  • Shove all your furniture against the wall.
  • Purchase all matching wood furniture.
  • Use FAKE flowers everywhere.
  • Buy “puffy” furniture.
  • Use your hobby for design inspiration.
  • Have the legs of your sofa not on the rug- buy an appropriately sized rug!
  • Display photos of your children in every room.