4 Ways to Style a Room with White Walls

A lot of apartments for rent and brand-new homes are filled with a crisp, white interior to keep things simple while they’re on the market. Your knee jerk reaction might make you feel like you’re in a hospital room, but there’s nothing wrong with white walls if you know how to use them!

Of course, you could always go the most direct route and paint a white room a new color. But if you’re just trying to make it appeal to prospective buyers or looking for an easier solution, repainting is not your only option. There are a few handy techniques you can use to play off your white walls and make your space look elegant and inviting!

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Use contrasting neutrals.

One approach to take for the interior design of an all-white space is to embrace the neutral color palette! Offset white walls with dark, rich colors on the opposite side of the color spectrum—like stark black or charcoal. Add a punch to the room by using these colors for the trim (black windows are very on trend now), a piece of furniture, or in the décor or art work.

Choose a dominant accent color.

Brighten up a white room with different shades of one vivid accent color. Repeating bursts of the same color will have a striking, minimalist effect on your space that can be a unique way to draw the eye. Choose a vibrant hue that won’t be easily washed out by a sea of white. Be adventurous with a dramatic violet, coral, or bright and lively turquoise!

Give it a natural, earthy theme.

Use wooden accents and take on nature, to pull in natural tones that bring simple beauty to an all-white room. White walls make an excellent blank canvas for displaying bold greenery and warm, natural tones like rattan, grass cloth, jute, and sisal. Add a few pieces of refined, wooden furniture and soft, ambient lighting to cultivate a cozy atmosphere and rustic charm.

Play around with texture.

A white space is a great opportunity to try out rough and interesting textures that would usually overwhelm a more detailed design strategy. Add life to a monochromatic room with unique and lively throw pillows, rugs, wall art, and even furniture! Texture is a very useful tool for breaking up an otherwise dull space.

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