Staging Vacant Properties

Step One:

Over the phone, we will determine the realtor/seller’s needs and requirements regarding the staging project along with the details about the property. Through this conversation we can provide an initial “ballpark” estimate of the cost of the project.

Step Two:

Once the client determines they would like to move forward with the project, a site visit by a Red House Project Manager will be conducted to determine the following:
What actions by the seller are needed to get the actual property ready for sale? We will make recommendations on everything from paint and flooring to appliances and lighting as necessary.

  • Are there assets of the property that staging can highlight? What are the areas of the property that are detraction’s that staging can help buyers see past?
  • What furniture and decor will be required to make the space shine? What will the configuration of the rooms look like?
  • Are there updates and actions required for the exterior of the property to help it compete and give it “curb appeal”?

Usually after the site visit, the final project proposal is presented to the client that covers the entire cost of the project and includes labor, furniture and decor installation and any on-going service fees for use of the installation. After reviewing the project proposal, the client can request further adjustments to the scope of the project and/or furniture based on the client’s needs and budget. When the final proposal is agreed upon, Red House will get started on the planning and implementations of the project.

Step Three:

Once the property is ready to be staged, Red House leads the entire process of the installation, managing everything from the furniture selection, to accessorizing the space, to creating a cohesive flow throughout the property.

It generally takes one day to stage a home, though occasionally two days are needed, depending on the level of staging requested and the size of the property. A lead time of one to two weeks from booking is typical and generally requested. For Elite or “Platinum” properties, we request even more advanced notice since we will often source the perfect inventory for those properties, which takes time.

Step Four:

While your property is on the market, Red House Staging can return once monthly as part of the Staging Upkeep Service (a complimentary and unique service we offer with all vacant stagings), to tidy up, dust, vacuum, and restore the general integrity of the staging installation. *Please note that while this service is included, it must be specifically requested and scheduled by the client.

After the property goes under contract and is past the inspection, appraisal and contingency period, Red House Staging crew members return to the property and de-stage it prior to settlement.