Here you will find a list of our current sales items that will be available during our next warehouse sale.  Here is a little 411 on how our sales work:

    1. 1.  We hold our sales on the first Saturday of each month from 10 AM to 2 PM (weather permitting).
    2. 2.  Items are CASH ONLY and first come, first serve, SO COME EARLY!
    3. 3.  We cannot reserve any items before, during or after, so come prepared with your cash, bags for your scored decor and a truck to haul your furniture off. Sorry, WE DO NOT DELIVER.
    4. 4.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept calls and/or emails asking us to check our inventory for specific items.
    5. 5.  On the day of, have fun, be respectful of others and shop til you drop (or 2 PM…whichever comes first!).
  2. Click below to view of sales items:
  3. Coming Soon!

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